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Hemp Field Underneath The Christmas Tree

Although this year for the world has turned out to be a lot different than others. But one thing remains. People are overtaken by a Christmas craze and gift-searching madness. People are busy these days buying presents for their loved ones in this chaotic time. Instead of giving to your closest one’s unnecessary things we want to encourage you to choose something original, healthy and sustainable. We have 9 different hemp products under our sleeve, that will simplify this difficult time and bring happiness to your loved ones of all ages.

People have been including hemp in their diets since a long time ago, and not for no reason, as they contain many useful substances within them. There is a Latvian traditional folk song which sings about hemp:

“Who praised the strand of the hemp,

Who praised the orphan’s virtue?

Praised was the strand of linen,

Praised the virtue of mistress’s daughter.”

In the last decade, industrial hemp as a food product has become especially popular and common because of their high fibre and protein levels, and in addition, hemp seeds contain magnesium so they’re recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

The listed products below are produced in farm “Virši” in Latvia and are made with love out of locally grown industrial hemp.

1. Hemp seeds

There’s a point to Leonardo da Vinci stating that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. The hemp plant is born from its seed, that’s why the seed holds all of its essences. Hemp seeds are known to be commonly consumed with their shell and are known to be one of the superfoods. They contain a row of necessary fatty acids crucial for our organism, for example, Omega 3 and Omega 6. There are plenty of meals which can be eaten together with the seeds. They can even be sprouted – soaking them in water helps release enzymes that make vitamins active. This and other products are available for purchase if you press below.

2. Peeled hemp seeds

It’s possible that some may not love ordinary hemp seeds owing to their hard outer shell. Peeled hemp seeds are different from usual seeds as their shell is detached and removed. The removal of the shell is purely mechanical and does not include water or high temperature allowing the product keeps its primary nutritional value. The taste is a tad bit similar to nuts. Due to this hulled seeds are preferred as an addition to different kinds of salads. Hemp seeds help build muscle mass so, by including them in your diet, soon enough even unhulled seeds won’t bring you any problems.

3. Cooked (roasted) hemp seeds

Most of the time cooked or roasted hemp seeds are loved among gastronomes because as they are being roasted the natural oils are excreted. The basis of a successful meal is not only taste but also texture. Often something crunchy is missing for complete happiness – roasted hemp seeds can change that. Keep in mind that these seeds contain fewer vitamins A, B, C, and E than thermally untreated seeds. Besides that, they can be used milled – as hemp spread.

4. Hemp meal

It’s tempting to say that everyone has had a tiny jar of hemp meal. To some, it reminds of grandmother’s culinary masterpieces. But if it doesn’t make you recall anything – it’s time you tried it. If you’ve come to love smooth foods or you don’t fancy a few seeds getting stuck between your teeth, the best fit for you will be hemp spread which you can put in your shopping cart in our online store. The natural oils that have come out during the roasting process allow the formation of a delicate mass that you can then add to various dishes. It’ll fit great for baking pastries.  

Hemp Tea, Hemp oil and Peeled Hemp Seeds.

Hemp Butter, Hemp with Salt and Roasted Hemp Seeds.

5. Hemp butter

While taking a stroll around your local market, it’s hard to keep away from this pleasant aroma. All your hand can do is slide into your pocket and grab around for some coins to roll into the sweet shopkeeper lady’s hand. Sometimes already established values are the best. One of the most widely known hemp products is hemp butter. It’s made by mixing heavy cream butter with milled, roasted hemp, so it’ll be a great solution if you don’t wish to mess around with the task yourself. The aftermath – an irreplaceable and real Latvian taste, that’s able to stand against even garlic bread. 

6. Hemp oil

The supply of various plant oils on store shelves has expanded. Each of them has pros and cons, but as opposed to natural hemp oil you can never know what’s truly inside a coconut oil jar or rapeseed oil bottle. Hemp oil is pressed from the seeds with the cold press method. This means that it hasn’t been thermally processed (thus there has been no need to refine it) and retains all of the valuable substances due to which hemp is often called the queen of all plant life. There’s a belief that hemp oil is even more beneficial than fish oil. It contains more balanced amino acids, Omega 3, 6, and 9. We’re left to think that the only downside to hemp oil is that it’s not fit for heating or cooking.

7. Hemp with salt

We all know that from time to time each of us needs something salty for complete happiness, but what we have in mind is not always in our pantry. This is one of the most multi-purposeful hemp products. Roasted, milled hemp seeds with salt – what can be better? This product will be a great addition to different everyday foods. Add seeds to cottage cheese, porridge or salads, or even dusted over freshly baked bread as well as combined with other hemp products. Choose your favourite combination in our shop! 

8. Milk-hemp candy

After having a slice of bread with hemp butter there’s an irresistible urge to satisfy your sweet tooth. Why reach for a piece of boring chocolate or hard candy from the farthest corner of the drawer, if you can enjoy something sweet while enjoying hemp in all its beauty? Even though you might believe hemp should be kept away from confectionary despite its countless uses, the milk – hemp candy will make you think twice. This candy consists of two brilliant and traditional flavours – roasted hemp and milk caramel. Your granddaughters, neighbours, and even colleagues will love it. 

9. Hemp tea

This year we’ll all be celebrating Christmas quietly, each at our own home. Nothing can replace the warmth of hugs from those closest to us, but we can try to warm up our palms and hearts with a hot cup of tea. Linden tea is tried many times. And peppermint tea seems dull at this point, but chamomile tea has been made almost every day. Only hemp tea is left to try. In comparison to other teas specifically, hemp tea stays clean from microbe invasion due to its antibacterial properties. It effectively expels toxic substances from the body. Hemp tea can induce appetite and help with gastrointestinal problems, relieve chronic pain, and improve heart health in the long run. 

Now that you’ve got to know our offer make sure to gift one of these products to your friends, assemble an awesome gift basket from a few hemp items or include them in your wish list!

We wish you joyful Christmas, successful New Year’s eve, and a healthy next year, that is guaranteed. Bon appétit and Merry Christmas!

Hemp Candy, HempButter and Hemp tea.

Article Designed by Arta Vitola