From Thoughts to Reality: an Interview with Zane

Intervija ar Zani Milzaraju

Who is Zane?

Zane Milzarāja is one of the top Latvian influencers who promote travelling and healthy lifestyle. She is also a mother of one and currently enjoys her life in Bali together with her family.

How are you keeping a balanced diet?

Working out and maintaining a balanced diet is always good, but these things alone won’t fulfil your life. Just like we exercise our bodies, we need to exercise our minds. Just like we count carbs and calories, we should watch out for unhealthy thoughts and habits. It’s impossible to get a perfect summer body or a beautiful new apartment in an instant. It’s all the hours of work, all the healthy choices and lucky coincidences that lead to something truly beautiful. This is how it worked for Zane.

It is difficult to describe Zane in a single word: some look at her as a loving wife and mother, some appreciate her for the ice cream she makes, others might see her as just another influencer. Zane, however, doesn’t think about it too much, instead of focusing on living her life. “Everything happens naturally, things fall in place themselves.”

She makes a living by making vegan ice cream at the Riga-based company ”Avenei”. Her Instagram account (@zane.milzaraja) is an additional source of revenue.

How did that come to be?

After my son was born, I was just thinking “what now?”. The kitchen was never really my forte, but it just so happened that my friend needed a helping hand at his company. Fast-forward, now I’m the head chef – responsible for recipes and the preparation process. The Instagram following also grew after my son was born. I mean, I’ve always enjoyed taking nice pictures and sharing my discoveries. Other moms just gravitated towards that, I guess.

Your Instagram bio says “Plants in my home and plants in my belly”. You often show your plants in your pictures and here we go with the vegan thing again. What inspires this lifestyle?

It happened naturally. It’s not as if I watched a movie and suddenly became vegan. I don’t really cook I and wasn’t big on meat, to begin with. I became vegan after my trip to Sri Lanka – vegan food is a part of their culture and I really enjoyed their dishes. When I returned from the trip, I stumbled upon a challenge called “Don’t Consume the Earth!” I tried to be vegan for a month. Soon, I realized that it’s like a whole new world – new recipes, new flavours. Moreover, it’s good for the planet, when you think about the food industry and climate change. I like my choice and I’m not planning to go back.

“Everything happens naturally, things fall in place themselves.” – Zane

Seems like Asia holds a special place in your heart. You’ve been there multiple times and, in a way, your attitude radiates that eastern wisdom.

Yeah, it was definitely a culture shock in the beginning. Just the lifestyle and the commotion. But I really like their culture, the people are wonderful. It’s quite easy to make friends there, they are very friendly and sincere. I enjoy the weather, the plants and the animals, as well. All of these things make me feel at home there.

Zane Milzaraja x AdilCBD4
“Don’t Consume the Earth!” – Zane

A cool job, a family, travelling, a healthy lifestyle… What has helped you achieve that?

There’s no one thing, really. As I said before, a lot of things happen naturally. I think it’s important to keep your eyes open, it’s important to dream and learn how to accept changes. Don’t tell yourself that something is impossible. If you want to change something about yourself, if you wish to achieve something, then put in the effort. Explore, read, feel it out and use all of those things to your advantage. I’ve read a lot about the power of our thoughts and manifestation. I’ve made vision boards and written down my thoughts and dreams. I believe that there’s power in words, thoughts and feelings. I know that my desires will come to fruition if I think about it and work towards it. That’s how the chain reaction happens.

How does AdilCBD fit into your life?

I found out about adilCBD from my friends. I was intrigued by the fact that it’s a natural way of easing pain. I was always carrying painkillers with me because of my menstrual cramps. My husband was having migraines, too. So I had a chance to try adilCBD, I liked it and kept on using it. It also helps with occasional anxiety or insomnia.

What goals are you focusing on currently?

I would like to be calmer, I tend to be short-tempered. I feel progress since I started meditating, but I’d just like to understand the process more. I just want to be a better person. I sometimes look at people that keep their cool in tough situations, and I find myself thinking, “I want to be like that.” I just want to be more at peace and be able to solve problems rationally. Especially when there’s a three-year-old running around the house.

Thanks to Zane for her time! This was a truly inspirational conversation. We hope that you will find something useful here – something that will motivate you to get healthier, something that will help you dream bigger!