Elīna Herberta on social media and CBD

Elīna Herberta on social media and CBD

Meet Elīna…

Elīna Herberta is one of the most popular influencers in Latvia. She stands out because of her lifestyle and by raising simultaneously her four small children. In her Instagram account @StoryAboutUs, she reminds her followers of the importance of health, both mental and physical.

Recently Elīna and us had the pleasure to talk about her inspiring lifestyle and the role of CBD. Below you will find out what we wanted to know for a while from her:

Elīna Herberta in CBD
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How is your everyday life going?

With my children in the first place. They take up most of the day. In all this madness, I try to find time for myself as well – to exercise, to read, and, sometimes, to sleep.

You have a busy schedule. Do you have a grandmother or friends who help you out with babysitting?

My mom lives 300 kilometers away from us, so she can’t help out that often. But when she can, she comes for a few days and stays with the children. Those days we always plan to go somewhere with my husband for a night or two! The other grandma lives in Riga which is also far from us.

3 years ago we moved to Kuldiga, therefore we do not have close relatives here who would be waiting for us with open arms and bringing some soup, for example, when children are sick. 

As a help in our daily life, we have hired a babysitter.

We have a great, lovely babysitter who comes to us several times a week for a few hours. The children love her very much and are waiting for her. I can count on her.

At that time, I do my planned work or just lay down.

How much time do you spend on social media every day?

Good question… My husband and I, like most of us, try to limit and reduce our time on social media. We have agreed that it cannot be more than two hours a day.

How long have you been using Instagram?

I’ve been on Instagram since 2012. In the beginning, as a beginner, “I posted a picture and all four friends liked it.” Then, a completely different stage began. One day I realized that I have something to say, maybe more than just a picture. I have never had the goal of making followers. I don’t think about it at all. It just happened naturally, new followers began to appear.

I think your profile is very interesting.

Thank you! Three years ago, everyone started saying, “Look, people are following you!” I mean, what does that really mean, what do I have to do now? I continued to do what I did before. Later, the partnerships started, (discount) codes and everything else. It seemed to me as an addition to my content with the opportunity to earn! I write, create content, take photos – they are not five minutes, I would take time for each collaboration and invest my heart. I’m glad that nowadays there is such a hobby job or a full-time job for others! – ”I live my life, I share it, I can also earn money – great!”

I can imagine it is fun and all but isn’t it stressful? Do you use CBD in that case?

Yes, I use it every morning. I use it to be calmer. Sometimes we have daily anxiety. It seems to me that it helps support internal processes, my emotions, emotionality, sleep and peace. My husband also uses – at work constant stress, as an entrepreneur. There is no moment of peace when you come home. Our lives are super running and noisy. It is important to support yourself before you start to get confused. We seek support for our body and our nervous system before it is too late. The CBD is a wonderful support. 

When did you find out about CBD?

I myself have been dealing with essential oils for a while. I still use them for my own and my family’s needs. Then I also found out about CBD, I started taking it for migraines. I have a very serious migraine – migraine medications don’t help. I believe my migraine pain is less frequent because I use CBD.

Have you tried the new 15% adilCBD oil?

Yes. I am excited about the new product! The taste has improved, it is neutral, the flavor is more suitable for me.

For a while I did not use it. During that time I started to sleep worse and felt tired in the mornings.

Then one evening I remembered about CBD, put some drops under my tongue and slept like a baby. Recently after stressful days, I use CBD, and the sleep quality has improved!

Eīna Herberta on CBD
Elīna – ”I am glad to have such a product!”

Super! Thank you for your time.

Thank you!