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CBD dosage

While the interest in the CBD dosage and usage as a remedy for various ailments is constantly increasing and more studies are done in this field. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach of how and how much CBD to use daily. Partly that’s because every human has a different body and diet, and the beneficial dose of CBD differ. We always advise our clients to start with a smaller dose and increase it if necessary.

You can see the recommended starting dose in table 1 below. For the first week use the dose for mild effect. There is a possibility that you already consume some amount of cannabidiols through eating fresh produce, chocolate or other foods. Then your body will need only a small amount of CBD supplements.

Table 2 shows the recommended dosage for pets. We advise using adilCBD 3% oil for pets, as it easier to measure the dose and it has less of the hemp specific taste.

Table 1. Recommended daily dosage of CBD for humans.

Table 2. Recommended daily dosage of CBD for pets.

You might need to increase the daily dose incrementally, in one week intervals, until you reach the effects you’re looking for. Remember, CBD won’t heal you, but it will help with symptoms e.g. pain, anxiety and insomnia.

How to consume CBD

There are three main ways of consumption: ingesting, inhalation and application. Ingestion can be split in two ways: digestion and sublingual. Inhalation – hemp bud vaporizing, and application – topical application of adilCBD oil.

While the method of topical application is straightforward – apply a couple of drops of oil on the irritated skin or region of pain. The ingestion methods are a personal preference of each user. Using the digestive method might be a better choice for those who wish to minimize the taste of hemp. One way of doing that is by mixing the CBD oil into your favourite drinks or foods.

We recommend using the sublingual method – putting the oil drops under your tongue and holding it there for 30 – 60 seconds. This way the cannabidiols are absorbed in your body faster and the effects of the CBD oil will be felt in a matter of minutes. After that, you can swallow the oil as is or drink some water on top of it.

What CBD oil feels like
AdilCBD is the perfect oil to use to increase wellbeing.